Dear Sirs!

For more than 70 years "Rubin" Aviation Corporation provides aeronautical engineering of Russia and a number of other countries with landing gear and hydraulic system aggregates. Corporation develops products at a high scientific and technical level, corresponding in their characteristics to the world standards.

The key directions of the corporation activities are:
  • The hydraulic systems of aircrafts, machinery and industrial equipment;
  • Pumps, pumping stations, hydraulic motors, control units and fluid-flow-regulating aggregates;
  • Alternate current constant frequency drive-generators;
  • Braking systems of aircrafts and their components and assemblies;
  • The wheels and brakes for all types of aircrafts;
  • Diagnostics, service and repair of the aircraft hydraulic and braking system aggregates;
  • Scientific and engineering development.

For each area of our activity, we provide a full cycle of capabilities, including research, analysis, modeling, development, production, testing, service and maintenance of our products. Our credo is an individual approach. In our developments we use the latest technologies which give us the confidence to expand into new markets, get new customers and interesting contacts.

"Rubin" Aviation Corporation invites you to discuss the prospects of cooperation in the supply of JSC "Rubin" products for the aviation fleet of your country. Expand the scope of your business with the "Rubin" Corporation.

Alexandrov Yury
Tel.: +7 (965) 396-9646
Skype: Yudjin5